Can I Get Life Insurance on My Grandparents?

Yes, you can buy a life insurance policy on your grandparents, but it will be subject to you meeting some criteria imposed by the life insurance company. For example, you will have to provide the insurer with proof that shows you have an insurable interest.

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We all get older, and so do our beloved grandparents. If you are thinking of buying life insurance on them, depending on their age and health, costs can vary a lot.

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Knowing that insurance can cover final expenses in the event of their death can really provide you and your grandparents with extra peace of mind.

A bit more information about the requirements to get your grandparents insured:

You will also need to prove that you are related to your grandparents. Providing information and obtaining a signature authorizing the policy will be one of the main prerequisites for an insured person.

There are several factors to consider prior to actually acquiring life insurance for your grandparents, all of which should be fully understood.

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You Can't Profit From of Your Loved One's Death

According to life insurance policy terms, you should not profit from someone else's death. This type of insurance isn't meant to be used to make a profit, and life insurance companies go to great lenghts to ensure it does not happen. This is why you are required to justify the value of the death benefit you want to take out. Furthermore, it is necessary for the insured and beneficiaries to have an insurable interest.

For example, if you are trying to insure your 80 year old grandfather and get a $200,000 policy for him, it is highly improbable that your application will be accepted, unless you explain why and list some valid reasons during the application process.

Life insurance companies are not interested in making you wealthy. You should instead describe how the passing of your grandfather would be such a financial strain which would require the life insurance value you asked for. The insurance underwriter will probably reject your application if your needs and circumstances can not be explained.

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You Can't Buy Life Insurance for Someone Else Without Their Consent

There have already been instances where individuals have tried to buy life insurance for someone without their knowledge. Applying for life insurance policies requires a signature in order to proceed.

Additionally, you will be asked to answer a few health and underwriting questions, unless your application is being submitted for guaranteed acceptance life insurance. A medical examination of the insured individual will also be necessary.

While some have tried to falsify signatures and respond to inquiries from others, this is a serious criminal offence that would eventually lead the insurance company to reject your claims.

Average monthly pricing for a 10-year life insurance term policy for a grandfather, non-smoker in fair health:

AGE $100,000 $200,000 $300,000 $500,000
65 year old man $63.60 $121.32 $142.24 $234.95
66 year old male $71.33 $138.24 $154.72 $256.65
67 year old male $81.48 $156.15 $172.48 $283.55
68 year old man $91.95 $177.81 $191.70 $315.97
69 year old male $104.78 $202.86 $216.33 $354.77
70 year old male $117.69 $229.82 $245.35 $405.15
71 year old grandfather $135.26 $261.75 $277.44 $462.30
72 year old male $151.86 $295.15 $317.05 $524.78
73 year old grandfather $171.18 $337.20 $365.36 $601.45
74 year old male $194.29 $382.52 $422.22 $700.60
75 year old grandfather $220.45 $435.12 $493.93 $818.40
Example average premiums obtained on 06/09/2024 - your monthly rates will likely be different.

Average monthly premiums for a 10 year life insurance term policy for a grandmother, non-smoker in good health:

AGE $50,000 $100,000 $200,000 $300,000 $500,000
65 year old female $40.35 $53.23 $101.19 $120.75 $197.74
66 year old female $43.80 $57.75 $110.15 $131.28 $215.30
67 year old grandmother $45.85 $62.11 $118.59 $141.62 $232.25
68 year old woman $50.10 $67.05 $128.40 $153.73 $252.85
69 year old female $53.74 $73.86 $142.19 $170.62 $280.38
70 year old grandmother $58.72 $83.05 $160.55 $194.27 $320.33
71 year old female $64.90 $99.62 $194.08 $224.73 $371.05
72 year old woman $68.25 $114.88 $224.45 $261.55 $432.27
73 year old grandmother $75.83 $131.72 $260.10 $305.53 $505.73
74 year old female $84.25 $150.59 $298.60 $356.74 $591.17
75 year old grandmother $94.18 $172.41 $342.25 $417.68 $692.19
Example rates obtained on 06/09/2024 - your monthly rates will likely be different.

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If Your Grandparents Agree, You Can Purchase Life Insurance on Them

Despite the fact that it may be advantageous to acquire life insurance for one's grandparents, parents, children, and any other family members for whom one might be financially responsible, it is not always so simple to do on someone else's behalf. Multiple instances have occurred when insurance companies do not accept coverage since the insured individual has a low income, and this may result in financial loss for the beneficiary.

As a result, a smart plan for obtaining life insurance for your parents or grandparents would be to ask them to apply for coverage directly and become the policy's owners. When it is at all possible, they should also name their spouse as a beneficiary.

Whenever everything is finally authorized and you've agreed to the policy, you'll be able to pay to have it put into effect. As soon as the policy is in effect, you will be able to amend it. Changes may include the policy's owner and beneficiaries, as well as the billing address and other details.

Final Expense Life Insurance

In case your grandparents don't want to subject themselves to a medical exam, there's always the option of going with a final expense life insurance policy.

These type of policies have a simplified underwriting process making them more accessible to people who may have health conditions that make it difficult to qualify for other types of life insurance.

Final expense policies don't have a large death benefit payout, and are simply designed to cover costs associated with a person's funeral and other end-of-life expenses.

Funerals can cost around $15,000, so a final expense or burial life insurance policy is enough to cover it, and may even have some left over to pay some debts, etc.


Obtaining life insurance on behalf of your elderly parents or grandparents is not impossible. All you need to do to make the process smooth is to ensure that all the necessary steps are followed to the letter.

Should your grandparents not provide answers to some important questions or sign all the relevant documents, the life insurance policy will not be granted without the consent of the insured.

If the insurance provider feels that the attempt to obtain coverage is motivated by malice and profit goals, they will inevitably refuse coverage.

A health exam will probably be requested prior to the policy being written. Furthermore, the insurance company will not accept claims for a certain amount of time - usually one year.

Having said that, it is critical that you consult with a life insurance professional prior to actually making any decisions regarding the purchase of a life insurance policy for your grandparents.

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