Purchasing Life Insurance For Someone Else

While buying life insurance for someone else is possible and legal, there are restrictions that must be followed. You cannot purchase life insurance for a total stranger, or for someone else without their knowledge.

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Customers often ask us, "Can you take out life insurance on another person?", "How to get life insurance on a family member?", "Can I buy life insurance for my parents?", "How to take out a life insurance policy on someone else?" - the answer to these common questions can be found below.

Buying For a Family Member

To purchase life insurance for a family member (i.e. parent - mother, father) or child, you must be able to show that your have an "insurable interest." This simply means that you are related by blood or marriage to the person for whom you are purchasing the policy.

Most times, you purchase a life insurance policy for your child. Dozens of companies offer policies, both term life and whole, that can be extremely cost efficient. The younger you are when a policy is purchased in your name, the lower the monthly premiums. If you have just had a baby, now is the perfect time to purchase a life insurance policy.

Odds are slim that you will use it, but if anything does happen to your child, you would want to be able to grieve without worrying about how to pay for the funeral expenses and lost income while you take time off from your job to grieve.

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Buying For Elderly Parents

Finally, life insurance policies can be purchased by sons and daughters for their aging parent or both parents. Often, the elderly allow insurance policies to lapse due to forgetfulness or simply lack of money. Adult children can purchase and become responsible for making the payments instead of allowing their parents to struggle with that monthly expenditure.

Most times, these final expenses policies are to be used, as the name implies, to pay for funeral and burial expenses, or any oustanding debts the parent may have.

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Example rates for a 10 year term policy for males of different ages.

  $100,000 $200,000 $300,000 $500,000
65 year old man $63.55 $122.63 $141.75 $235.25
66 year old man $71.23 $138.24 $158.12 $257.75
67 year old man $81.48 $155.15 $172.35 $283.50
68 year old man $91.85 $177.62 $191.82 $315.87
69 year old man $105.77 $203.96 $216.30 $355.65
70 year old man $117.59 $229.70 $246.34 $406.23
71 year old male $136.20 $261.45 $278.33 $461.35
72 year old male $151.95 $296.25 $317.20 $524.88
73 year old male $171.17 $338.25 $363.56 $603.35
74 year old male $193.27 $384.15 $422.72 $702.05
75 year old male $220.55 $436.20 $494.70 $820.30

Premiums shown as off 03/28/2021 - your ins rates will most likely vary. This table gives just a rough idea of average life insurance costs.


Buying For Business Partners

business partnerFor business owners, "insurable interest" also applies because you have a strong business related connection. Often, business partners, get life insurance on each other.

Business partners often take out life insurance policies on each other when a business is formed. This helps ensure that the business will not suffer if one partner dies unexpectedly.

The money is used to pay off the heirs of the partner that died so that they do not gain shares or control of the business.

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Buying For Spouses

Another scenario where it is natural for someone to purchase a life ins policy for someone else involves spouses. It is not surprising that husbands and wives would want to purchase a life insurance policy for their spouse.

In case anything happens, a life insurance policy would ensure that they do not go into debt after losing the income they'd become accustomed to. The life insurance benefit can also be used to pay for funeral expenses, pay the mortgage, pay for kid's education, etc.


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